Our Staff

CoachRick Coach Rick
Wrestling, Gymnastics coach and Exercise Specialist

As a 2 time All American academic wrestlers and gymnast Rick pulls from his background as an athlete to help maintain a cutting edge approach on training. Rick has many certifications and holds many accreditations. With over 30 years of coaching and spotting he is the best tumbling coach on the east coast.

“Working with athletes through gymnastics, wrestling and fitness has been my life’s work.” For the past 30 years Rick has paved the way by designing and developing fitness programs for many industries and inspired so many athletes in various sports to reach their potential. “I take pride in my work and in my athletes. I work with them mentally and physically and prepare athletes through creative explosive gymnastics training to excel in tumbling, competitive gymnastics, Folkstyle,Freestyle and Greco wrestling as well as total body fitness.” Rickdeveloped the first wrestling gymnastics combo training center in NJ and continues his passion at Tumble Techs.
CoachHeather Coach Heather
Coach Heather Cullen began her gymnastics career at age 2 and has never left gymnastics. Her passion followed her through college, coaching part time, and still coaching part time through a career in marketing and office management. NYC corporate was too mundane for Heather and in 2000 she decided gymnastics in all aspects was her purpose. That is when she pursued a full time career in the sport.

There are many roads in this industry and I have spent time driving on all of them. I began working at the age of 13 in a gymnastics environment, I’ve cleaned toilets, I’ve moved equipment, I have done it all! Through my early days of coaching I had the privilege of coaching alongside some amazing Olympic and World champions, they taught me so much of technique and form and artistry of competitive gymnastics. I loved teaching preschool classes during the day, and training the team at night. In San Diego I continued to coach but also continued to train in all the business and management areas of gymnastics. Finishing college in San Diego in early childhood education, I also traveled and attended regional and national gymnastics congress, clinics, training workshops, and participated and completed many certification programs. A focus became staff training, realizing the need for a gymnastics club to obtain and maintain professional staff, but also to continue to train them. When Rick and I joined forces I finally found my permanent home, Rick’s philosophies where the same as mine, together we worked tirelessly to create a well- rounded solid program. One I am proud to be a part of, one my daughter Fiona competes for, and one I stand behind. I have woken up every day for the past 6 years and have been excited to get to work. I am truly blessed, and I am extremely lucky to have the privilege of working with Rick, the Tumble Techs team members, but mostly the children in our program.
CoachAlexandraNiles2 Coach Alexandra
Recreational pre-school class coach; USAG pre-team – level 6 competitive team coach.

I was a competitive gymnast from age ten to 23, competing first for the Montclair YMCA Starlettes, then at Gymnastic World, Inc. (GWI) before attending college at James Madison University where I was a member of the gymnastics team. After college I competed (and coached) at Rick’s All American Tumbling and Fitness for Rick Gonzalez.

I first started coaching at a YMCA gymnastics summer camp while I was training at the Montclair YMCA and continued coaching recreational level classes while training at Gymnastic World, Inc. I started coaching at Rick’s All American summer camp when I was home from college in the summer of 2005 and continued to coach recreational classes the following year while still competing in gymnastics. I began coaching competitive level gymnastics in the spring of 2007 and have been coaching ever since.

I graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, and in addition to coaching gymnastics I am also an assistant pre-school teacher at Creative Beginnings Preschool in Verona. While I have retired from competitive gymnastics, I am still an athlete, choosing now to train for and race marathons my goal is Olympic trail and I am almost there, so yes, you did probably see me running around Fairfield very early in the morning and yes it does take a certain amount of crazy (or athleticism and discipline) to run over 86 miles per week.
coach alyssa Coach Alyssa
Hi I'm Alyssa and I'm 16, I started gymnastics at the age of 2 and continued until I was 13 at Rick's and Tumble Techs. Since then I have cheered competitively. I love taking the knowledge I have learned over the years and teaching them to kids who want to learn and progress in their skills. I teach Summer camp, birthday parties, and cheer.
coach anthony Coach Anthony
Anthony is a tumbling coach at Tumble Techs and one of four coaches for our competitive cheerleading team, All American All Stars. 

Growing up with a gym in his home, Anthony has been tumbling for the majority of his life. Originally trained by his mother and older sister (both gymnastics coaches), Anthony has learned both a variety of floor skills and teaching techniques that set him apart from the rest.

Aside from tumbling, Anthony also has an interest in parkour, rock climbing, cheer stunting and tumbling, skiing and ultimate frisbee.
coach catie Coach Catie
Catie Linck, lives in Little Falls and is currently a student at PV. She has done gymnastics and dance all throughout her life. She is enjoys being on her high school gymnastics team and is captain of the 2014 season. She also is in the Drama club and Green Exercise. In the summer she likes to travel the world and coach cheerleading. More importantly, she loves to dance to the music on her phone. When she isn't listening to music she is eating brownies at Applebees or at Paneras with her friends.
coach aneesha Coach Aneesha
Coach Aneesha is the face of tumble techs. She is the voice behind the phone. She plays an essential role in the everyday on goings of the gym. Aneesha is an amazing tumbler, was a fantastic cheerleader in highschool, and is an awesome mom to beautiful April (who loves her “nastics” class). Currently in school to be a science teacher, Aneesha teaches pre school, recreational, and beginner team level gymnastics here at tumble techs. Coach Aneesha is always here to help answer any of your questions.
Coach Nicole
Coach Nicole, to bashful to submit a picture, but she isn't hard to find, she teaches 6th grade math at Grover Cleveland middle school.  Coach Nicole was a former competitive gymnast of Rick's and began her journey with him in 1989 and continued to be a level 9 gymnast.  Nicole is an awesome JOGA coach, a fantastic math teacher, and the best mom to Vinnie and one on the way.
coach erica Coach Erica
Erica is the cheerleading program director and one of four coaches for our competitive cheerleading team, All American All Stars. After 17 years of combined rec., high school varsity, collegiate, and all star cheerleading experiences, Erica has found herself a new hobby in training young athletes to perform in the sport she loved growing up.

Erica started working at Tumble Techs in 2009, as a gymnastics coach for beginner through intermediate levels as well as open tumbling. It was here that she was trained in various levels of coaching, which she used to start our new cheer program in 2012.

"Cheerleading was my number one hobby for as long as I can remember. Over the years, it challenged and strengthened me both physically and mentally, while also preparing me for out-of-cheer experiences. I know a lot of that is owed to my former coaches and mentors who have pushed me to keep going.  My passion is to coach athletes like my younger self, and watch them succeed and progress both in the sport and in life. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing one of my students fall absolutely in love with cheer, as I have."

To view Erica's AACCA safety certification, please click here.
coach jamie Coach Jaime
Coach Jaime has been a part of the Tumble Techs family for over 10 years. She started as a tumbler with Rick. Jaime is an amazing gymnast with many accolades, reaching a USAG level 10 status when she was just 11 years old, traveling the world competing at nationally ranked competitions. With many state, regional, and national gymnastics championships under her belt , Jaime then began to Cheer as an all starcheerlearder with her back ground in gymnastics she was extremely successful. She loves children and is in college for early childhood education and will pursue her dream of teaching while continuing her passion of coaching gymnastics. Rick coached Jaime for 14 years helping her to reach her goals, and now Jamie gets to do the same for her athletes. Jaime coaches pre school, recreation, Pre JOGA, and USAG gymnasts.
coach nikki Coach Nikki
Anyone who meets Coach Nikki can’t help but smile back, her positive attitude is infectious. Her charismatic, energetic, attitude is what won her many medals in her career as a gymnast. Nikki competed both for Rick as well as for her high school Wayne Hills. Nikki also fell in love with cheer and exceled in that area as well. Her extensive tumbling knowledge and ability to work with children makes Nikki a great team member here at Tumble Techs. She is aggressive in finding just the right way to help any child learn a new skill. Coach Nikki coaches Pre-JOGA, open tumbling, birthday parties, summer camp, and classes.
coach rickyg Coach Rick
Rick Gonzalez Jr. , 19 years old , North Bergen High School Graduate, now studying Physical Education at HCCC. 4 year varsity wrestler and has been involved with gymnastics his whole life. Works as a Gymnastics coach/instructor.
coach rita Coach Rita
Rita Connizzo was a former competitive gymnast from age 4 -21 years of age. Training and competing under Rick, Rita won many national competitions. Continuing on at William Patterson University Rita was captain of their competitive gymnastics club. Receiving a bachelor’s degree in exercise science Rita works full time in corporate fitness. She is currently going for master’s degree. Rita is certified in Zumba, certified as a personal trainer, hasher group fitness certification, is a certified scuba diver, has run 5 tough mudders and many other races and challenges. Rita loves to weight train, hates to run but does it anyway. Through college Rita coached for Ricks All American coaching all levels of athletes, cheerleaders, gymnasts, tumblers, and dancers. Rita will continue her passion of coaching children here at Tumble Techs. So happy to have her on board!
coach joe2 Coach Joe
Coach Joe Mckenna began his lucrative wrestling career at the young age of 7. Strength training with Rick since the 6th grade. Rick understanding the dynamics of wrestling and the importance of gymnastics incorporated tumbling into Joey’s regimen at a young age. In regards to Joe and his amazing accomplishments the list is quite extensive (may I recommend you google his name). I will list but a few of his titles: 2012 USA Cadet World team member, 3 time national champion for wrestling and Jr. world champ, he recently received a full scholarship to Stanford university for wrestling, but don’t let that fool you, Joe is a straight A student as well. His passion for tumbling and teaching tumbling as well as amazing athleticism runs in his family, Joe’s sister is our famous coach Jaime Mckenna!
coach omar Coach Omar
Omar Wilson graduated from Rutgers University and was a member of the 1993-1995 Temple University men’s Soccer team. Omar enjoys and practices in Kung Fu, Capoeira, and MMA. His is a physical therapist who began tumbling with Rick to enhance his practice in capoeira as the Brazilian afro style of marital arts contains tumbling elements. Omar loves to teach young athletes tumbling skills and giving them the confidence to train like champions. Omar is a key member of our staff come train with Omar in open tumbling.