We LOVE Tumble Techs and my daughter has grown so much. She really trusts in coach Heather which makes her confident to try new things. She asks every morning if we are going to "jump jump" today!
- The Bicher Family (Sydney 2 years old)

My name is Lauren and my daughter Alexis has been a student at Ricks Tumble Techs for 5 years. I can't say it enough how wonderful of a facility they are. Not only is it a great gym the staff is fantastic. My daughter had a big obstacle in her life and was Told she wouldn't be able to do gymnastics to the full ability. Tumble techs helped Lexi achieve her goal of doing gymnastics and proving everyone wrong that she can be a gymnast. They were so patient and trustworthy with my daughter. Not only is my daughter dedicated the coaches are dedicated as well. The coaches are wonderful and not only coach the children they truly care about these children. Ricks Tumble Techs is amazing and a wonderful gymnastics facility that my daughter and I adore and will for a lifetime.
- Lauren