Tumble Techs classes are designed to teach fundamental gymnastics on the OlympiC apparatus: bars, beam, pommel horse, still rings, vault, floor, tumble trak, and trampoline. We use a variety of skill-building equipment including: wedge and panel mats, barrels, octagons and trapezoids. Our weekly themes and lesson plans are designed to teach new and challenging skills while reinforcing skills taught from previous levels. We have organized our classes by age and ability to more easily follow your child's progression through our program. Our staff is here to assist you in deciding which class level is appropriate for your child.

Gymnastics and Learning Programs - Girls & Boys

Parent N Tot (PNT)
16-24 months

This 45 min parent participation class teaches gymnastic lessons to both the parent and gymnast as the parent is the child's first teacher. The parents will be taught how to spot their children on basic gymnastics skills such as a forward roll and donkey kick. The children will get to use all of the Olympic apparatus and equipment which is sized especially for their small stature. Exciting games, colorful obstacle courses, fun stations, and great lesson plans are in your child's future with this fun class.

Home School Groups
All Ages

This is a great program to meet the physical education requirement for Home School children, Tumble Techs fits it right into your school day.

Gymnastics Classes - Girls & Boys

2-3 years old
Parents Not Included

The skills in this 45 minute class pick up where the Parent N Tot class leaves off. The class will start with a group activity then move onto the different events and finish off with another group activity, which helps prepare your child for circle time at school. Your child will have the opportunity to work on skills such as forward and backward rolls, various jumps, donkey kicks, swings, balancing and much more.

3-4 years old

This 60 min class is designed especially for 3 and 4 year olds. Carefully designed lesson plans enable your child to progress from all of the beginning to more challenging gymnastic skills. Stations are set up for children to try skills on their own and to help feel successful and independent. We also focus on unconditional respect for self and others through clear communication, daily challenges, and positive reinforcement. Success allows your child to enjoy learning, especially when we catch them doing something right!

4-5 years old

This 60 min. class is a more advanced version of our white stars program. In this class the children will also be taught basic routines they can share with family and friends throughout the year. Skills for this level include: movements on floor through more advanced obstacles circuits, stations, games,and use of climbing ropes. Children learn new positions and skills on balance beam such as the swan and shark pose. On bars they learn hip pullovers, spider blowing in the wind, proper hand grip positions and glide swings. And of course these gymnasts have use of vault, tumble trak, foam pit, trampoline, and the new rock wall.

Gymnastics Classes - Girls

5-7 years old

All 60 min classes will have an advanced version of that class. The + on our schedule will indicate that the class is advanced. A prerequisite of 1 or more years in the general class at that level is required. This is a 60 min. class for girls. Through our lesson plans and USAG level routines we teach skills such as cartwheels, handstands, back and front walkovers, and round-offs on floor. On the beam we teach single leg swing over mount and round off dismounts along with leaps, jumps and turns. On bars we cover front and back hip circles, single leg shoot through and mill circles. On vault your gymnast will work on handstand to flat back and build up to front handspring off the vaulting table. We use tumble track to strengthen floor skills and tumbling passes as well as to increase strength and cardio fitness.

8-12 years old

This 60 min class covers the same skills as the Super Star I, but it is designed for the older gymnast.