Rick's Wrestling and Warrior Training

The Rick's Wrestling and Warrior training program is the new bodyweight training created to give working out a fun, unique but very challenging approach to fitness. Have you ever heard the Cliché’ “Play Hard” or “Commit to Excellence” well this type of training will demand excellence, failing is not an option. You will work on strength, conditioning, flexibility, problem solving, and coordination as you overcome obstacles designed for the warrior. Inspired by American Ninja Warrior, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, with Rick’s new approach to training you’ll build your agility, improve and tone your upper body, and even learn to develop explosive power through functional movement. This type of training is the evolution of fitness based on true natural strength, agility, mental toughness, and physical fitness. You don’t need to show muscles to be a true warrior. The toughest strength to gain is inner strength and confidence, and this creative and unique obstacle workout will do just that!! Whether it’s taking your training to the next level or taking the first step in your journey, we are ready to safely guide you every step of the way to reaching your true potential.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to develop your true potential and have fun doing it!!

Age Range:

Mini warriors 5-7 yrs old, Youth: 8-12, Teen/Adult: 13 +

During each class students will be separated according to their age and skill level. Classes are available Monday through Friday.

Level 1 Prerequisite: No Basics

This beginner class is meant for conditioning and getting familiar with the Wrestling Warrior obstacles. The obstacles demand balance, strength, agility, and endurance. The goal is to be able to complete the obstacles consistently with proper technique.

Level 2 INTERMEDIATE: Prerequisite: Level 1 Warrior training

Students will now begin to work on more complex obstacles and push their personal bests. These students will know how to approach a course in a way that allows them to think through every move while at a fast pace.

Level 3 ADVANCED: Prerequisite: Level 2 Warrior training

This level is all about mastering the Wrestling Warrior courses. Each week our courses will be rearranged to challenge the adaptation phases of training. Students will perfect their technique and demonstrate great confidence while showing off their abilities.

What to expect: Class time: 1 hour

Obstacle Training: Obstacle courses can include running, jumping, climbing, swinging, crawling, and balancing elements with the aim of testing speed and endurance, while utilizing gymnastics and wrestling techniques.

Strength and Conditioning: The goal is to build an over all body awareness along with mental and physical toughness. These strength training obstacles do not require free weights or fancy machines. These exercises will work multiple muscles simultaneously, providing better overall strength and mobility.

What to bring: gym clothes, closed toe shoes, and water

OPEN Warrior: $12 an hour pay as you go non- instructional but supervised

Open Warrior offers use of the gym under general supervision. All areas will be available to you in open Warrior. Our staff are there with you to ensure the safety of all participants and to offer pointers when you need them. Open Warrior gives you a laid back environment to train while introducing you to other people with similar interests and goals.

Sport Specific Training with Rick Gonzalez

Whether you are a gymnast, wrestler, football star, lacrosse, soccer or any sport athlete, and you are serious about training and you are looking to maximize the true potential of your body, make definite gains, and prevent future injuries, do not hesitate to call our office. Take that step above the rest and make an appointment to speak to Rick. Rick will not just give you a program he will tailor the workout to the strength and weaknesses of the athlete. Rick keeps up with the previous research, the current research, and where it is leading up to becoming. Rick is passionate, innovative, progressive, and has a true desire for helping athletes and people reach their true potential.